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Conference Activities  •  5/28/2015
7 - 8 am
Complimentary Breakfast—Westmoreland
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
8 ‑ 10 am
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
Featured Speakers: James (Jimmy) Settles, Jr., UAW National Ford DepartmentHow UAW/Ford Get Work Done
Bill Dirksen, The Ford Motor Co.Building Real Life Workplace Relationships
10:15 ‑ 11:45 amConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Paul F. Clark, Pennsylvania State University
Presenters: Samantha Connelly, AFL-CIOInnovations in HR at the AFL-CIO
Bob Rootes, United SteelworkersInnovations in HR at the United Steelworkers
Paul V. Whitehead, Pennsylvania State University; Lois Spier Gray, Cornell University; and Paul F. Clark, Pennsylvania State UniversityInsights from the National Union Administrative Practices Survey
Chair: Michael Loconto, Harvard University
Panelists: Louis Benedict, Bowling Green State UniversityUnionization of Northwestern University Football Players
Judith Stilz Ogden, Clayton State UniversityO'Bannon v. NCAA
Mary Ellen Benedict, Bowling Green State UniversityThe Implications of the Evolving Nature of Amateur Status for Student Athletes
Chair: JR Keller, University of Pennsylvania
Presenters: Matthew Bidwell, University of PennsylvaniaJob Pull or Worker Push? Building Theory on how Organizations Move People Across Jobs
Jae Eun Lee and Diane Burton, Cornell UniversityCan They or Should They? External and Internal Influences on Human Capital Acquisition Strategies
Anne-Kathrin Kronberg, Emory UniversityModes of Job Entry and Gender Earnings Disparities: How Entering a Job via Hire or Promotion Affects Gender Earnings Differences
Shinjae Won, University of PennsylvaniaBurning Bridges or Building them? The Effect of Third Party-Induced Employee Mobility on Client Relationship Formation
Discussant: Pamela S. Tolbert, Cornell University
Chair: Edward (Ted) D. Bantle, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
Panelist: Jack Yoedt, FMCSMock ADR Case, FMCS Mediator 1
Chair: Richard A. Queer, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Panelist: Michael Franczak, Federal Mediation & Conciliation ServiceCritical Issues, Modified Traditional, Enhanced Conventional, and Compressed Bargaining
Chair: Colleen LaRose, North East Regional Employment and Training Association
Panelists: Andy Van Kleunan (inv.), National Skills CoalitionWhy Good People Can't Get Jobs
Bob Rosa, NJ Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic DevelopmentProspective employment opportunity before the workforce system pays for training!
Bob Garraty, Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board (formerly)Collaborative strategic planning between workforce and economic development
12 ‑ 1:45 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
Featured Speaker: Ron Bloom, Lazard Frčres & Co.Implications of Labor/Management when Investing Global Capital
2 ‑ 3:30 pmConcurrent Sessions
Co-Chairs: Robert Bruno, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Thea Michailides, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades
Panelists: Erin Kramer, One Pittsburgh
Molly Nichols, Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT)
Jordan Romanus, Pittsburgh Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC)
Samey Lee, Fight Back Pittsburgh
Guillermo Perez, Pittsburgh Labor Council for Latin American Advancement (LCLAA)
Chair: Lisa Hartrich, Public Employment Relations Commission
Panelist: Michael Tedesco, The Tedesco Law GroupSocial Media and the Workplace
Chair: Jack Yoedt, FMCS
Discussants: Brian Lapp Connie Caverno Michael Storms, Elliott Group
Bruce Brinker, United Steelworkers Local 1145
Alan Rudick, United Steelworkers Unit 1145
Timothy Wilkinson, United Steelworkers Local 1145
Jacques M. Wood, Arbitrator/Mediator
Chair: Eileen B. Hoffman, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Panelists: Edward (Ted) D. Bantle, Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service and Mary Kluczycki, FMCSLessons Learned from Working Abroad
Discussants: Jeffrey Wheeler, Esq.
Richard Fincher, Workplace Resolutions LLC
2.5  Dispute Resolution in Multiple Contexts (Symposium)—Somerset
Chair: Alexander J.S. Colvin, Cornell University
Presenters: Paulo Ferreira de Souza Marzionna, Cornell UniversityAlternative Dispute Resolution in Brazil
Kwan Lee, Cornell and Mark Gough, Cornell UniversityInstitutional and Organizational Context and Firm Adoption of Arbitration
Todd Dickey, Cornell UniversityOn the Frontier with Conflict Management
Discussant: J. Ryan Lamare, Pennsylvania State University
Chair: Janet Gillman, Oregon Employment Relations Board
Panelists: Loretta van der Pol, California Public Employment Relations BoardCalifornia Public Employment Relations Board Training Program
Ed Herbert, Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA) of New YorkNYS & CSEA Partnership Training Program
Ken Hickey, Ohio State Employment Relations BoardOhio State Employment Relations Board Training Program
Mike Sellars, Washington State Public Employment Relations CommissionWashington State Public Employment Relations Commission Training Program
Susan Bolte, Iowa Public Employment Relations BoardIowa Public Employment Relations Board Training Program
2 ‑ 3:30 pm
Co-Chairs: Ralph Craviso, Craviso & Associates and Marlene K. Heyser, Workplace Law Strategies
3:45 ‑ 5:15 pmConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Kenneth May, BNA
Panelist: David Perla, Bloomberg BNA LegalThe Legal Industry and Human Resources
Chair: Jeffrey H. Keefe, Rutgers University
Presenters: Rachel Aleks, Cornell UniversityWhat Professionals Want: Union and Employer Characteristics in Certification Elections of Professional Workers
Nikolaus Krachler, Cornell UniversityCare versus Technocracy? Professional Interests and Middle Managers in English Intensive Care Nursing
Mariam L. Krikorian, University of Southern CaliforniaBirds of a Feather? Generalist and Specialist Selection of Jurisdictional Domains in the Professional Workplace
Discussants: Richard Hurd, Cornell University
Eric Geist, Department for Professional Employees AFL-CIO
Chair: Esta R. Bigler, Cornell University
Presenters: Ariane Hegewisch, Institute for Women's Policy Research and Brigid O'Farrell, GWU and independent researchersI am Joined by Other Women When the Cleaning Brigades Arrive: Perspectives of Women Working in Construction Trades
Lauren Sugerman, Wider Opportunities for WomenDeveloping a Gender Lens for Women in the Trades
Francoise Jacobsohn, Equal Rights AdvocatesImproving and Applying Public Policy and Legislation
Susan Moir, University of Massachusetts Boston and Elisabeth Skidmore, New England Regional Council of Carpenters,The Policy Group on Tradeswomen's Issues (PGTI): A multi-stakeholder - think and action - project crushing barriers to good jobs in the construction industry for women
Discussants: Leah Rambo, Local 28 Sheet Metal Workers
Brian Doherty, Boston Metropolitan District Building Trades Council
Chair: Mary Ellen Benedict, Bowling Green State University
Presenters: Peter B. Doeringer, Boston UniversityGarment District Advantage in the 2000s: Informal Industrial Relations and Market Regimes in New York and Los Angeles
Benjamin Dunford, Purdue University; R. Wayne Boss, University of Colorado at Boulder; and Eung Il Kim, Purdue UniversityMaintaining Employee Engagement Following a Firm-wide Pay Freeze: A Fairness Perspective
Daniel J. Koys, DePaul UniversityAssessing the Department of Labor's "My Next Move"
Leon Prieto, Clayton State University; Simone Phipps, Middle Georgia State College; Lemaro Thompson, University of Texas at San Antonio; and Xavier Smith, Clayton State UniversityFrances Perkins, Rose Schneiderman, and the Early Labor Movement: A Feminist Ethic of Care Approach to Labor & Safety Reform
Discussant: Louis Benedict, Bowling Green State University
Chair: Peter Berg, Michigan State University
Presenters: Kristie L. McAlpine and Bradford S. Bell, Cornell University and Emmanuelle Leon, ESCP EuropeThe Consequences of Telework: An Examination of Individual and Contextual Moderators
Peter Berg, Michigan State University; Marian Baird, University of Sydney; and Matthew Piszczek, University of Wisconsin OshkoshSchedule inequality and equality bargaining in Australian workplace agreements
Stacy A. Hickox and Chenwei Liao, Michigan State UniversityThe Reasonableness of Telework as an Accommodation
5:30 ‑ 6:45 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
7 ‑ 10 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair


Conference Activities  •  5/29/2015
7 ‑ 8 am
Co-Chairs: Daniel Marschall and Damon Silvers, AFL-CIO
Featured Speaker: Stuart Appelbaum, Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union UFCWEmpowering Low-Wage Workers: Organizing New York City's Car Wash Workers
8 ‑ 9:30 amConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
Featured Speakers: Steven Greenhouse, The New York Times Labor Reporter Since 1995
Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Janice Fine, Rutgers University
Chair: Tia Schneider Denenberg, Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Panelists: Marcia L. Greenbaum, Workplace Solutions, Inc.The No-Hassle Hearing: Managing a Hearing for Simplicity's Sake.
Richard V. Denenberg, Workplace Solutions, Inc.Avoiding Needless Legalism
Nancy E. Peace, Workplace Solutions, Inc.Using Information Technology to Expedite Hearings
Chair: Ramona Buck, FMCS
Panelists: Victor Voloshin, U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionThe EEOC's Approach to Individual Workplace and EEO Complaints
Eugene K. Connors, Reed SmithPerspective of Management in EEO Mediation Cases
Louis B. Kushner, Esq., Rothman Gordon, P.C.Perspective of Unions and Employees in EEO Mediation Cases
8 ‑ 11:15 am
Co-Chairs: Christine Riordan and Hye Jin Rho, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
9:45 ‑ 11:15 amConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Adrienne E. Eaton, Rutgers University
Presenters: Brian Hilligoss, Ohio State University and Timothy Vogus, Vanderbilt UniversityNavigating Care Transitions: A Process Model of How Doctors Overcome Organizational Barriers and Create Awareness
Benjamin Dunford, Purdue UniversityMinimizing Workarounds in Healthcare: Insights from a Janus Faced View of Formalization
Christina L. Frye, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignThe alignment of healthcare employees with human resource strategy
Adam Seth Litwin, Cornell University; Ariel C. Avgar and Christina L. Frye, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Edmund Becker, Emory UniversitySuperbugs vs. Outsourced Cleaners: Employment Arrangements and the Spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections
Discussant: Jody Hoffer Gittell, Heller School, Brandeis University
Chair: Nancy E. Peace, Workplace Solutions, Inc.
Panelists: Alexander J.S. Colvin, Cornell UniversityResearch Perspectives
Richard Fincher, Workplace Resolutions LLCPracticing Arbitrator Perspectives
Christine Newhall, American Arbitration AssociationArbitration Service Provider Perspectives
Chair: Janice Fine, Rutgers University
Panelists: Vonda Brunsting, Service Employees International Union (SEIU)Private Equity at Work: The View from Capital Strategies at SEIU
Carrie R. Leana, University of PittsburghThinking About Private Equity
Damon Silvers, AFL-CIOPrivate Equity and American Workers
Stephen Hertzenberg, Keystone Research CenterPrivate Equity and High Road Economic Development
Discussants: Eileen Appelbaum, Center for Economic and Policy Research
Rosemary Batt, Cornell University
9:45 ‑ 11:15 am
Chair: Saul Rubinstein, Rutgers University
9:45 ‑ 11:15 am
Co-Chairs: William Canak, Middle Tennessee State University and Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator
11:30 am ‑ 1:30 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, Ford Motor Co. (ret.)
Panelists: Ray Tadgerson, Tadgerson Consulting, Documentary Film Director/Producer
David Hollister, Former Mayor of Lansing, MI
11:30 am ‑ 1 pm
Co-Chairs: William Canak, Middle Tennessee State University and Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator
2 ‑ 3:30 pmConcurrent Sessions
6.1  Deconstructing the Market Basket Case (Workshop)—Westmoreland
Chair: Thomas A. Kochan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Discussants: Kris Rondeau, Harvard Union of Clerical & Technical Workers
Christopher Mackin, Rutgers University
Zeynep Ton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thomas Trainor, Market Basket
Chair: Peter Lazes, Cornell University
Panelists: Mark Catlin, SEIUPreparing to Protect: SEIU's Domestic Response to Ebola - Supporting SEIU Healthcare Local Unions and Front-line Workers
Karen Higgins, NNUNNU's Response to Being Prepared for Ebola and Other Infectious Diseases
L. Toni Lewis, SEIU HealthcareEngaging SEIU Healthcare Employers and Government Agencies
Kelly Trautner, American Federation of TeachersAddressing the Ebola Crisis Through a Solution-driven Response
Discussant: Rebecca Kolins Givan, Rutgers University
Chair: Oren Levin-Waldman, The Metropolitan College of New York
Panelists: Antony Davies, Duquesne UniversityThe Effects of the Minimum Wage
Les Leopold (invited), The Labor InstituteThe Minimum Wage and Organized Labor
Paul Wolfson, Tuck School at DartmouthWhat the Minimum Wage Does
Annette Bernhardt, University of California, BerkeleyThe Minimum Wage and the Low-Wage Labor Market
Chair: Ralph Craviso, Craviso & Associates
Panelists: Stephen R. Sleigh, Sleigh Strategy LLC
David Lewin, University of California, Los AngelesAn Academic's Perspective
Marlene K. Heyser, Workplace Law StrategiesA Neutral's Perspective
2 ‑ 3:30 pm
Co-Chairs: William Canak, Middle Tennessee State University and Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator
3:45 ‑ 5:15 pmConcurrent Sessions
7.1  AILR/LERA Best Papers (Symposium)—Butler
Co-Chairs: Paul J. Gollan, Macquarie University and David B. Lipsky, Cornell University
Presenters: Paul Latreille, University of SheffieldToward a System of Conflict Management? Culture Change and Resistance in a Healthcare Organization
Alexander J.S. Colvin, Cornell UniversityConflict and Employment Relations in the Individual Rights Era
David Lewin, University of California, Los AngelesResolving Workplace Conflicts Through Litigation: Evidence, Analysis and Implications
Benjamin Dunford and M.B. Perrigino, Purdue UniversityThe Social Construction of Workarounds in Organizational Hierarchies
Chair: Bonnie Summers, BlueCross BlueShield Association
Panelists: Rick V. Morrone, BlueCross BlueShield of MichiganACA effect on Labor i.e. Collective Bargaining
Tom Little, Highmark BlueCross BlueShieldACA effects on focus Integrated Delivery Systems
William O'Loughlin, BlueCross BlueShield AssociationACA and the IT Requirements of the Law
Kirk Roy, BlueCross BlueShield of MichiganACA and the Effects and Opportunities on Collective Bargaining
Tom Fitzpatrick, Highmark, Inc.
Chair: Paul Wolfson, Tuck School at Dartmouth
Presenters: Anil Verma, University of TorontoMinimum Wage Setting in Ontario
Bruce E. Kaufman, Georgia State UniversityAn Institutional Explanation of the Zero Minimum Wage Employment Effect
Ben Zipperer, The Washington Center for Equitable GrowthCan New Approaches to Minimum Wage Research Facilitate better Policy?
Chair: Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Panelists: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program ChairPivotal Events: Negotiated Change
Dan Brooks, United Auto WorkersPivotal Events: Quality and Safety Operating Systems
Discussants: Bill Dirksen, The Ford Motor Co.
John Nahornyj, UAW-Ford Cleveland Engine Plant 2
Armentha Young, UAW-Ford Dearborn Truck Plant
3:45 ‑ 5:15 pm
Chair: Susan J. Schurman, Rutgers University
3:45 ‑ 5:15 pm
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator and John W. Budd, University of Minnesota
5:30 ‑ 6:30 pm
Chair: Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
7 ‑ 10 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair


Conference Activities  •  5/30/2015
7 ‑ 8 am
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
Featured Speaker: Leo W. Gerard, United Steelworkers of America
8 ‑ 9:30 amConcurrent Sessions
Co-Chairs: Lisa M. Dupnock, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Ami Silverman, National Labor Relations Board Region 21
Panelists: Bob Eberle, Union Attorney/AdvocateThe Effects of Recent Decisions by the NLRB on Collective Bargaining
Fulton Miklos, FMCSThe Change in Dynamics at the Table
Thomas A. Lenz, Atkinson Andelson Loya Ruud & RomoManagement's Perspective of Recent Decisions by the NLRB
Chair: Jared D. Simmer, Piedmont Private Adjudication Center
Panelists: Robin Sowards, United SteelworkersAdjunct Faculty Unions and the Academic Mission
Andrew Wasser, Carnegie Mellon UniversityAdjunct Professors: A Chance to Give Back, not a Career
James Ditmar, Geneva CollegeAddressing Adjunct Pay: A Matter of Fairness, or Just the Final Nail in the Coffin for Financially Struggling Small Colleges?
Chair: Morris Kleiner, University of Minnesota
Presenters: Andreas Haupt, Karlsruhe Institute of TechnologyDo occupational licenses increase wage inequality? Evidence from the German labor market
Suyoun Han and Morris Kleiner, University of MinnesotaAnalyzing the Duration of Occupational Licensing on the Labor Market
Mary Tschirhart, Ohio State UniversityProfessional Associations' Perceptions of the Benefits of Certification to the Association and their Members
Tingting Zhang and Xiaoyu Huang, University of TorontoThe Impact of Unionization and Occupational Licensing Coverage on Work Stress: Longitudinal Evidence in Canada
Chair: Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Panelists: John L. King, University of MichiganPrinciples of Open Data, Applied in the Social Sciences
Karen Becker, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Charles Mcelroy, Case Western ReserveCurating Social Science Data for Reuse
Victor Nichol, UIUC EarthCube ProjectOpen Data Available for Scholars
Brandon Carlyle Grant, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIntroductions to the FMCS Collective Bargaining Data--Open Data Available for Scholars
Chair: Robert S. Ditillo, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Panelist: Carolyn Brommer, Federal Mediation and Conciliation ServiceHow the Conveyance of Conflict Neuroscience Principles to Labor-Management Parties Enhances Self-awareness
Chair: Eli Friedman, Cornell University
Presenters: Katie Rainwater, Cornell UniversityBuilding Inequality: Wage Disparity Between Bangladeshi and Thai Guestworkers in Singapore's Construction Industry
Hao Zhang and Eli Friedman, Cornell UniversityInformal Work and Labor Unrest in China
Sung Chul Noh, McGill University and Sunwook Chung, Sogang UniversityWorkplace Conflict: The Role of In-house Occupational Associations as an Alternative Collective Voice
Jinyoung Park, Cornell UniversityPolitically Radical, Economically Liberal: Labor Movement in the Political Transition of Myanmar/Burma
Discussant: Anil Verma, University of Toronto
9:45 ‑ 11:15 amConcurrent Sessions
Chair: Sally Klingel, Cornell University
Panelists: Saul Rubinstein, Rutgers UniversitySustaining Partnerships for School Improvement
Alexander J.S. Colvin, Cornell UniversityBargaining for Better Schools -- A Research and Public Policy Dialogue Project
Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIOPublic Education Reforms
Chair: Ileen DeVault, Cornell University
Presenters: Wilma B. Liebman, former Chair, National Labor Relations BoardThe NLRB: An Insider's Perspective
Sarita Gupta, Jobs with JusticeJoining together: Jobs with Justice and the labor movement
James A. Gross, Cornell UniversityWorkers Rights, Human Rights, and the NLRA
Discussant: Lowell Turner, Cornell University
Chair: Gretta L. Goodwin, U.S. Government Accountability Office
Presenters: Gretta L. Goodwin, U.S. Government Accountability OfficeContingent Workforce: Size, Characteristics and Earnings
Miranda Dietz, University of California, BerkeleyTemporary Workers in California are Twice as Likely as Non-Temps to Live in Poverty: Problems with Temporary and Subcontracted Work in California
Sarah Hamersma, University of Florida; Carolyn Heinrich, University of Texas at Austin; and Peter Mueser, University of Missouri-ColumbiaTemporary Help Work: Earnings, Wage, and Multiple Job Holding
Rebecca Smith and Claire McKenna, National Employment Law ProjectTemped Out: How the Domestic Outsourcing of Blue-Collar Jobs Harms America's Workers
Discussants: Annette Bernhardt, University of California, Berkeley
Lonnie Golden, Pennsylvania State University-Abington
Chair: Paula Alexander Becker, Stillman School of Business
Presenters: Paula Alexander Becker, Ian Saporito and Christina Johnson, Stillman School of BusinessChallenges of Supply Chain Management in Bangladesh' Textile Industry
Panelists: Daniel R. Schlademan, United Food and Commercial WorkersOrganizing Workers in Bangladesh Textile Industry
Ian Spaulding, Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety senior inspectorThe Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety
Discussants: Marcus Chung, Children's Place
Aklima Khanam, Bangladesh Rana Plaza survivor
9.5  LERA Best Posters (Workshop)—Pennsylvania Foyer
Chair: Ariel C. Avgar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Presenters: Kristen Monaco and Brooks Pierce, US Bureau of Labor StatisticsCompensation Inequality: Evidence from the National Compensation Survey
Patrick P. McHugh, The George Washington University, Department of ManagementPaid and Unpaid Internships: Student Development or Exploitation?
Jeffrey Waddoups, University of Nevada-Las VegasHas Complementarity between Employer-Sponsored Training and Education Changed during the 2000s?
Lin Xiu, University of Minnesota at Duluth and Tony Fang, University of ManitobaThe CEO Pay-for-Performance Relationship in China: The Impact of State Ownership, Managerial Power and Market Forces
Tomoyuki Shimanuki, Hitotsubashi UniversityCan Low-skilled Temps Experience Upward Job Mobility through Staying Temporarily at Firms? : Evidence from Japan
Marcus Valenzuela and Sean E. Rogers, New Mexico State UniversityWho Cares What about Immigrant Workers? A Research Review
9.6  Worker Representation in China (Symposium)—Washington
Chair: Eli Friedman, Cornell University
Presenters: Guowei Liang, Johns Hopkins UniversityTrade union reform in auto parts industry: three years after the strike wave
Chunyun Li, Rutgers UniversityBetween Labor and the State: The Birth and Transformation of Labor Non-governmental Organizations in Contemporary China
Xiaoyi Wen, China Institute of Industrial Relations and Mingwei Liu, Rutgers UniversityDirect Trade Union Elections in China: Toward Representative Unions or 'Old Wine in a New Bottle'ť?
Discussant: Earl V Brown, Solidarity Center
10 ‑ 11 am
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator and Allen Ponak, University of Calgary
12 ‑ 1:45 pm
Chair: Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator
Featured Speaker: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair
2 ‑ 3:30 pmConcurrent Sessions
Co-Chairs: Ana Lopes, University of the West of England and Danat Valizade, University of Leeds
Presenter: Ian Towers, Professor at SRH Hochschule BerlinPrecarity in German universities: the akademischer Mittelbau and the changing workplace
Panelist: Maria Maisto, Adjunct Professor at Cuyahoga Community CollegeAdjunct faculty and the quality of higher education: the experience of the New Faculty Majority (NFM)
Presenter: Emine Yönden, Yuzuncu Yil UniversityTransformation of academic labour process in Turkey
Presenters: John August, Cornell UniversityWhat Can We Learn from Healthcare Improvement Theory for Innovation in Collective Bargaining
Robert Chiaravalli, Strategic Labor & Human Resources, LLCAn Assessment of Labor & Employment Relations Competencies and Challenges for Practitioners
Ellen Dannin, Independent ResearcherWork as a School for Democracy: Exercising Citizenship by Walking Around
Joseph Henry Fahey, Principal, Relationship-Based Initiatives (RBI)Experience-based Labor Relations
Jody Hoffer Gittell, Heller School, Brandeis UniversityRelational Coordination as a Source of Worker Power
Chair: Akira Suzuki, Hosei University
Presenters: Sachi Kotani, Nihon UniversityIndividually-Affiliated Unions in Japan: Their Characteristics and Social Functions
Shoji Hashiguchi, Ritsumeikan UniversityOrganizing Young Flexible Workers in Japan
Ruth Milkman, City University of New York Graduate CenterCollaborations and Convergence: Unions and "Alt-Labor" in the 21st Century USA
Janice Fine, Rutgers UniversityRegoverning the Market from Below: The Role of Participatory Labor Standards Enforcement in Low Wage Worker Organizing
Discussant: Chris Tilly, University of California-Los Angeles
Chair: Neha Misra, Solidarity Center
Presenters: John A. Logan, San Francisco State UniversityLabor Migration and Global Union Federations In Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia
Jennifer Gordon, Fordham Law SchoolRoles for Workers and Unions in Regulating Labor Recruitment in Mexico
Ana Avendano, United Way WorldwideShared Prosperity
Chair: Ariel C. Avgar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Panelists: Rosemary Batt, Cornell UniversityEditor of the ILR Review
John Godard, University of ManitobaEditor of the British Journal of Industrial Relations
Elaine Farndale, Pennsylvania State UniversityAssociate Editor at the International Journal of Human Resource Management and Human Resource Management
2 ‑ 3:30 pm
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator and John W. Budd, University of Minnesota
3 ‑ 3:30 pm
Chair: Ariel C. Avgar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
3:45 ‑ 5:15 pmConcurrent Sessions
11.1  Lessons From History (Symposium)—Fayette
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
Presenters: Rob Boyle, Saint Louis UniversityMilltown: Real Stories from a Changing Economy
William M. Boal, Drake UniversityWhat Did Unions Do in the Nineteenth Century? Illinois Coal Mining in the 1880’S
Brandon Carlyle Grant, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignDivided We Fall
Jerome T. Barrett, Friends of FMCS History AssociationUSCS & FMCS Role in Developing L-M Arbitration
Chair: Mitchell Langbert, Brooklyn College, CUNY
Panelists: Daphne Taras, University of SaskatchewanA Parallel Universe? A Comment on Surprising Canadian Developments and Ideological Divergence
David Lewin, University of California-Los AngelesAre IR Researchers' Policy Prescriptions Derived from Their Research or Do Those Prescriptions Frame Research?
Roy Joseph Adams, McMaster UniversityLERA's Value Base: Respect for Fundamental Worker and Human Rights in the Workplace
Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program ChairHR/Labor Professionals Ideology and Values in the Workplace
Chair: Chris Tilly, University of California-Los Angeles
Presenters: Robert Lerman, Urban InstituteApprenticeship to Upgrade the Middle Class in the United States
Silvia Fernandez Martinez, ADAPT / University of BergamoOverview of Apprenticeship Schemes in Spain
Francesca Fazio, University of Bergamo and Francesca Sperotti, ADAPTInteractions between Education, Industrial Relations and Youth Employment Outcomes: the Case of Apprenticeship Schemes
Francesco Seghezzi, ADAPT / University of BergamoThe cultural value of apprenticeship for worker and management
Cheryl Feldman, District 1199C Training & Upgrading FundA Inion-driven Apprenticeship Model in Health Care: The District 1199C Experience
Discussant: Jack Mills, National Network of Sector Partnerships
Chair: Howard Stanger, Canisius College
Presenters: Jeffrey Waddoups, University of Nevada-Las VegasDid Employers in the US Back Away from Skills Training During the 2000's?
Muhammad Umar Boodoo, University of TorontoStakeholders and their Influence on CEO Pay: The Case of Labor Unions
John A. Logan, San Francisco State UniversityWhy the NLRB's New Election Rules and Urgently Needed (And Why They Probably Wouldn’t Make Much Difference to Certification Campaigns)
Chair: James Scoville, University of Minnesota
Presenters: Mingwei Liu and Chunyun Li, Rutgers UniversityCorporate Social Responsibility, Global Value Chain Structure, and Working Conditions in the Chinese Consumer Electronics Manufacturing Industry
Mohammad Abbas Ali, Penn State University; Mohammad Vaqas Ali, University of Management Technology, Pakistan; and Susan Gunn, International Labour OrganizationExploring from a Multiple Stakeholder Perspective the Sociocultural and Economic Reality of Child Labor in Pakistan's Brick Kilns
Mark Anner, Pennsylvania State UniversityLabor Control Regimes and Worker Resistance in Global Supply Chains
Yana Rodgers, Rutgers University and Nidhiya Menon, Brandeis UniversityChild Labor and Changes in the Minimum Wage: Evidence from India
Jeffrey S. Wheeler, Esq., Washington, DCProtecting Vulnerable Workers in Developing Countries: Holding Owners, Employers, Managers and Agents Accountable in their “Spheres of Control”
Chair: Ana Avendano, United Way Worldwide
Discussants: JJ Rosenbaum, National Guestworkers Alliance
Ruth Milkman, City University of New York Graduate Center
Roger Waldinger, University of California, Los Angeles
Jennifer Gordon, Fordham Law School
Janice Fine, Rutgers University
5:30 ‑ 6:45 pm
Chair: Martin Mulloy, LERA President and Program Chair


Conference Activities  •  5/31/2015
7 ‑ 8 am
Continental Breakfast—Westmoreland
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
8 ‑ 9:30 amConcurrent Sessions
12.1  LERA Papers I: New Models (Symposium)—Washington
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
Presenters: China Layne, Summit Consulting, LLCBest Places for Finding a Job: The Role of Occupational Structure in Residents' Employment Prospects
Andrew Weaver, MITVariation in Manufacturing Skill Demands by Industry-Level Capital Intensity
Jerry A. Carbo II, Steve Haase and M Blake Hargrove, Shippensburg UniversityA Strategic Model of Union Revitalization- Expanding the Voss and Sherman Model of Revitalizaiton for a New Era of Union Reform
Aaron J. Sojourner and Jose Pacas, University of MinnesotaUnion Card or Welfare Card? Evidence on the relationship between union membership and net fiscal impact at the individual worker
Evren Mehmet Dincer, Cornell UniversitySkills in Reindustrializing America: Radical Restructuring of the Skill Trades in American Manufacturing
Verónica Inés Velo and Alberto Nicolás Salazar, Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral and Miriam Adriana Figueroa, Camara Criminal de la Provincia de Santa CruzWorkplace Relations in Jail: Other People’S Problem or an Observatory for Real Life Interactions?
12.2  LERA Papers II: Human Resources (Symposium)—Cambria East
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
Presenters: John A. Logan, San Francisco State UniversityConsultants, Union Avoidance and the NLRB's New 'Ambush Election' Rules
Carrie G. Donald and Aaron Stephenson, University of LouisvilleArbitral Views of Theft: An Analysis of Arbitration Cases: 1993-2013
Can Ouyang, Cornell University; Xiangmin (Helen) Liu, Penn State University; and Zhengtang Zhang, Nanjing UniversityA Stakeholder Explanation for The Adoption of Human Resource practices: The Role of Owner, Customer, and Regional institutions
Michael David Maffie, Cornell UniversityDispute Resolution in Fortune 1000 Firms: An Empirical Analysis of FLSA and Federal Discrimination Claims
12.3  LERA Papers III (Symposium)—Cambria West
Presenters: Bryan Engelhardt, College of the Holy CrossEffects of Job Search on Union Certification Elections
Anna Mills, George Mason University and Edward J. Timmons, Saint Francis UniversityBringing the Effects of Occupational Licensing into Focus: Optician Licensing in the US
Barry Hirsch and Abhir Kulkarni, Georgia State University and Edward Schumacher, Trinity UniversityUnion Election Activity and Nursing Wages
Gokce Basbug, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ceyhun Elgin, Bogazici UniversityExpectations and Employment Status
Kyle William Albert, Cornell UniversityWho Earns Occupational Certifications? Evidence From a National Survey
12.4  LERA Papers IV: World Issues (Symposium)—Somerset
Chair: Chris Tilly, University of California-Los Angeles
Presenters: Lorenzo Frangi, University of Quebec at Montreal; Robert Hebdon, McGill University; and Muhammad Umar Boodoo, University of TorontoTo Strike or Not to Strike: An International Comparison of Strike Propensities in 15 OECD Countries
Roberto Pedersini, Universita' degli Studi di MilanoThe Reshaping of Italian Industrial Relations
Ying Chen and Yuanyuan Sun, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFirms’ Political Connection and Labor Law Compliance in China
Manfred Elfstrom, Cornell UniversityChinese Labor Unrest: Transforming the State from Below?
8 ‑ 9:30 am
Co-Chairs: Bonnie Castrey, Arbitrator/Mediator and John W. Budd, University of Minnesota
9:45 ‑ 11:15 amConcurrent Sessions
13.1  LERA Papers V: Worker Attitudes (Symposium)—Washington
Chair: Chris Tilly, University of California-Los Angeles
Presenters: Jed DeVaro, California State University East Bay and John Pencavel, Stanford UniversityLong Work Hours, Productivity, Performance Pay, and Health Problems: A Longitudinal Study of Establishments
Marc Salesina, Université de LorraineThe Effects of Union and Non-Union Forms of Employee Representation on High-Performance Work Systems
Justin P. Wiegand, University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUnpacking the Black Box between Job Satisfaction and Union Participation: The Role of Fit
Seahee Kang, Rutgers UniversityIs It a Fair Tournament?
Lonnie Golden, Pennsylvania State University-AbingtonFair Labor Standards Act Working Hours Reform Proposals: A Third Way?
13.2  LERA Papers VI: Longevity (Symposium)—Cambria East
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
Presenters: Ashley Schoenfisch, Duke University Medical Center; Clayton Sinyai, Center for Construction Research and Training; and Hester Lipscomb, Duke UniversityCan a Joint Labor-Management Safety Training Program reduce Workplace Injuries?
Ying Zhen, Wesleyan CollegeEnglish Proficiency, Earnings, and Gender Differences of Foreign-born Hispanic and Asian Immigrants in the United States
Aaron J. Sojourner and Jooyoung Yang, University of MinnesotaEffects of Unionization on Workplace Safety Enforcement: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from OSHA’s Enforcement Data
Pooria Assadi and Andrew von Nordenflycht, Simon Fraser UniversityDoes it Matter if Stockbrokers Get Caught Cheating? Consequences of Misconduct on Careers in the Securities Industry
13.3  LERA Papers VII: World Issues (Symposium)—Cambria West
Chair: Eric Duchinsky, LERA
Presenters: Muhammad Umar Boodoo, University of TorontoCross-National Diversity in Corporate Social Responsibility: Can firms in emerging economies overcome their weak institutions?
Chaturong Napathorn, ILR School, Cornell UniversityInstitutional Pressures, Hospital Management Model, & Their Implications for Labor Market and Medical Tourism Policy in Thailand
Roberto Pedersini, Universita' degli Studi di MilanoThe New EU Economic Governance and the Effects on National Industrial Relations
Meltem Ince Yenilmez, University of California, BerkeleyEmployment, Labor Market Institutions and Policies in Turkey
Santanu Sarkar, Xavier School of ManagementFunctional barriers to workers co-operative in getting off the ground: synthesis of a failed case in India

11:30 amMeeting Adjourns Eric Duchinsky, LERA